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It’s not just
a meal service.

We help you bring discipline to your eating habits in terms of timing, portioning and the nature of food you consume daily.

Health is 70% nutrition
and 30% workout

Food Delivery x Guided Workout Sessions = Achieve your fitness goals

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A taste of customer love

Alible has highly impressive customer service. They continuously take feedback to make the experience seamless. Combined with the delicious food, high nutritional values and insane variety, i just might never cook again.

Krishna Jindal,



“I’ve been an active subscriber of Alible since more than a month now. I’m a sales professional & barely find time to make my meals. With Alible it has become easier – I know what I’m eating, it’s light, tasty as well as balanced.

Trupti Wanare,



What can I say about ALIBLE… The food is Delicious and Yummy! Especially all the Paneer Items like Paneer Roll, Paneer Makhani, Palak Paneer etc. This Paneer dishes are as good as any Five star Hotel.

Arun Pillai,



I have always been a fussy vegetable eater but surprisingly I would finish the meals provided by Alible!They made me fall in love with vegetables by incorporating them in fun salads and wholesome meals!Their quality is amazing and delivery is timely.

Esha Gangar,



Alible provides soul nourishing meals with great portions to keep you HEALTHY. Their service & packaging are great too. Their menu is diverse, from which my personal favourites would be protein balls in marinara sauce, Dhanshak & Burrito bowl.




Being a foodie,weight gain has been an issue for me but since I have started my Alible plan,I satisfy all my cravings & get balanced wholesome meals!With ready to eat macro counted meals with portion sizing,eating right has become easy.Thanks Alible!

Nirav Gangar,


Business Owner


This is why we do it!

We are on a mission to enable you to achieve your fitness goals consistently and sustainably.

Get your queries resolved

No, with an Alible subscription you have double the number of days validity to complete your plan. For example, with a 30-day (1,2,3 or 4 meals a day) plan, you have 60 days time to complete your meals.

If you only need meals at your office 3 days a week. You can intimate us about the same in advance.

Yes, you can cancel your meals for the day by informing us the previous day before 9pm.

We deliver the Breakfast between 7.30 am to 9.30 am,  Lunch between 11 am to 1 pm and Evening Snack & Dinner together between 3 pm to 5 pm.

Yes, you can pause your subscription by informing us the previous day by 9pm. It can be resumed at a later date by informing us the previous day by 9pm.

Yes, at Alible we want to focus on the overall habit of eating right, rather than restricting everything! We believe that the only right way to a healthier lifestyle is to incorporate good eating habits in your daily routine.

Yes, you can change the number of meals that you take in a day. The price per meal will be changed as per the plan. For example a 30 day 4 meals per day plan costs 209/meal. If you change the plan to 30 day 2 meals per day. The cost per meal you will be charged will be 229/meal retrospectively.

Yes, you can change your delivery address by informing us the previous day before 9pm.

2 days tops! If you have made the payment before 8pm, your subscription will start the following day. If you have made the payment post 8pm, then the subscription will start after 1 day.

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