Red dragon fruit and its health benefits

Red dragon fruit and its health benefits

Dragon Fruit-A Native Plant Of Arid Tropical Region, Is Slowly Gaining Popularity In India As Well. This Exotic Fruit, Not Only Tastes Heaven But Also Have Several Health Benefits.

What Is Red Dragon Fruit?

Red Dragon Fruit Or Pitaya Roja (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Is A Member Of Cactaceae Family. This Plant Was Originally Grown Is Southeast Asia And Central America, However, Today It Is Grown All Over The World And Gaining Rapid Interest Due To Its Unique Taste, Attractive Colour And Shape.
The Fruit Resembles Dragon’s Skin, As It Has Scales All Over, Has Pink Skin And Red Flesh With Tiny Seeds Which Are Totally Edible, Just Like Kiwi. Other Than Red Dragon Fruit, There Are Three More Varieties Of Dragon Fruits That Can Be Found- Two Pink Skin Varieties, One With White Flesh And The Other One With Red-Purple Flesh, And Third One Is The Yellow Skin Variety With White Flesh. In Comparison To The Red Dragon Fruit, White One Is Widely Available And Is A Bit Tangy In Taste, Whereas The Red One Is Sweeter In Taste And Is Versatile In Nature When It Comes To Its Use.

Nutritional Facts (Per 100 Grams)

Calories: 67.7 Kcal
Protein: 0.22 G
Fat: 0.61 G
Carbs: 11.2
Crude Fibre: 0.9 G
Vitamin C: 9 Mg
Calcium: 10.2 G
Iron: 3.3 Mg
Magnesium: 38.9 Mg
Phosphorus: 27.7 Mg

Health Benefits

• Immunity Booster: Being A Good Source Of Vitamin C, A, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium And B Complex Vitamins, Red Dragon Fruit, Might Be Beneficial In Improving The Immunity. The Presence Of Prebiotic, Also Aids In Supporting The Immunity. Presence Of Vitamin C And Iron Together, Ensures Better Absorption Of The Latter One. The Antioxidants Present In It, Also Helps In Increasing The Blood Platelet Count, Hence Aiding In Faster Recovery.

• Rich Source Of Antioxidants: Antioxidants Are The Substances That Fights Against Free Radicals In The Body, Preventing The Cells From Damage. Red Dragon Fruit Contains:

How To Eat It?

The Best Way To Enjoy This Amazing Fruit, Is To Cut It In Half And Scoop It Out, To Eat. However, Its Skin Is Not Edible. This Fruit Is Perfect To Be Included In Smoothies And Salads.
You Can Also Pair It Up With Different Fruits To Bring In Some Variety And Also To Make It Nutrient Dense.
It Can Also Be Paired Up With Curd/Yoghurt. Delicious Drinks And Desserts Can Be Made Using This Fruit.
Some People Make Pickle Out Of It, Where The Skin Is Also Used Providing Additional Phytochemicals And Flavonoids. Dragon Fruit Can Be Kept In Fridge For 4-5 Days Without Getting Spoiled. It Can Be Kept In Deep Fridge For Up To 2-3 Months.


Red Dragon Fruit, Is A Low Calorie, Low Sugar Content Exotic Fruit With Several Potential Health Benefits, Ranging From Lowering The Oxidation In The Body To Improving The Heart Health. A Perfect Delight For Summers!!


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